Saturday, March 1, 2008

Genki Sudo Moves Into The 3.5 Dimension

When one of my all-time favorite fighters, Genki Sudo, announced his retirement a little over a year ago at only 28 years old, he cited persistent neck and ankle injuries, in addition to a long-standing desire to become a Japanese pop star. I had mixed feeling about the announcement: as much as I would miss Genki in the ring, I looked forward to the hilarity of watching him perform bubbly Japanese lounge-pop in elaborate Pee Wee Herman costumes.

Well, Genki's first album, Love & Everything, is now out, and unfortunately there's nothing even remotely funny about it. I stumbled across the video of the title track, and let me tell you, it contains grimly bad music. The video shows Genki singing along terribly in utter seriousness to hideous soft-rock while clad in a baseball cap and jeans. The entire thing is completely bereft of humor or showmanship, which needless to say, didn't exactly characterize Genki's MMA career. I've posted the video for Love & Everything below (which I doubt anyone will get through), but just so that's not the taste left in your mouth, I've also posted my favorite highlight of Genki.

Anyway, I still admire the guy a lot. Enjoy.

Love & Everything

Genki HL


Brady said...

Still love Genki. The video is probably a decent watch; culturally, just so different than what I even remotely like.

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

music prob would been better if it didn't sound like they didnt know wtf a guitar they played outta tune and not together ....