Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nothing To Do This Afternoon?

If you answered "yes" to that question and you've got ten bucks to burn and you're a geek for obscure Brazilian MMA events, then you might want to check out the Rio Fight Club event happening today.

It's actually a pretty solid fight card for what it is, with guys from Brazilian Top Team, Nova UniĆ£o, Gracie Barra Combat Team, Black House, and Gracie Fusion fighting. Some of the fighters have competed in international events like DEEP and Shooto Japan, but the most intriguing competitor has got to be William Vianna, who has won two straight 8 man tournaments in the vale tudo competition Rio Heros. This guy won three straight fights in the same night under bare knuckles, vale tudo rules twice in the space of three months (the last one about a month ago, listen to him talk about controlling his ego after that feat.) It'll be interesting to see how he does under MMA rules against stiffer competition.

Anyway, I'm not getting paid for plugging this or anything, I just thought it sounded better than playing solitaire in a cubicle or watching Seinfeld reruns.

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