Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ryo Chonan Needs Some Bread

From Ryo Chonan's most recent blog post:

"It's sucks that I'm not injured but have no fight schedule. I know PRIDE light weight fighters were very patient last year.

My friend in the US talked to the UFC staff and told me that they offer me a fight sometimes soon. I haven't fought for a while and have no money. I cannot wait anymore, and decided to go to the US for 6 months from the middle of April."

He had his friend talk to the UFC 'staff', whoever that is? How in the hell are fighters communicating with Joe Silva? Seems a bit odd that there aren't more direct lines of communication between a fighter under contract and the company's matchmaker.

And he's out of money? Because the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board won't release fighter payouts, we don't know how much he made at UFC 78, but a public comment like that from a mid-level fighter should provide more ammunition to those that say the UFC underpays its athletes. Granted, he had two other fights in 2007, both for DEEP, which I'm sure isn't some kind of financial utopia for fighters, but a guy fighting in the big show shouldn't be hard up for cash.

Here's Ryo pulling off his legendary flying scissor heel-hook on Anderson Silva with some nice commentary from Josh Barnett:

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